High organisation of Police Department Club that had been established on 16 November 2016. We are together towards the vision of making the surroundings safe. Go to: http://www.habbo.com / Search PoliceHQ and join us today!
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 Welcome to Police Department Club

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PostSubject: Welcome to Police Department Club   Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:38 am

The Police Department Club is welcomed and glad to have you here.

Police Department Club was established on the 16th November 2016. The creation of the P.D.C was done slowly and steady with planned. The main objectives of the P.D.C are looking at many aspects, such as to enhance police professionalism, to forge stronger regional cooperation in policing, promote lasting friendship amongst police officers of member countries, to serve as a coordination and communication mechanism to allow members to establish and to maintain all channels of interaction amongst members.

The forum is used as a medium for assisting, storing informations, updating news and many more for all the Police men and women, in order to get efficient and smooth organisation. Please refer yourself to the topics on this forum, as they will be helpful throughout your career. If you are new in this career and place, and need assistance, feel free to ask Corporal and above ranks for some help, or officers for more advanced help.

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Welcome to Police Department Club
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